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    Psion is a pioneer in quality mobile handheld computers and their application in industrial markets around the world. Psion is innovated in the field of mobile computing since 1980, starting with the invention of the PDA; through to helping our global customers solve their business problems today. Through our open innovation business model, we have the ability to work directly with our customers and partners to co-create new variants of our mobile hardware, software and services that meet the specific needs of the marketplace. 

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    8530 Vehicle Mount

    Omni XT15

    Successful warehousing and distribution means knowing your inventory inside out. Where everything is, How many you’ve got, What condition it’s all in. Know this and your customers are happy. The Psion range of rugged handheld computers puts mobile intelligence where it’s needed most – in the hands of the warehouse workforce. Whatever your needs, you’ll need us.